As a practising professional artist. I am always working on a variety of projects, including graphic design solutions as well as pursuing my own interests and preparing work for exhibitions and galleries. Rather than use this site for my graphic design work, I have chosen to use it as a personal folio site, displaying a range of projects that I am currently working on. I believe it is important to show your other creative interests. However, I have included some commission based work. I use different media applications for each project — as a trained designer (Falmouth College of Arts) I am comfortable with digital technologies but I also choose to work with a hands on approach using traditional techniques from printmaking to sculptor. These are mostly all on-going projects that show my work-in-progess and I am still actively engaged in most of them. In my experience as an artist you should never stop working. If you wait for inspiration it will never come — just go out a mark make — in other words make it happen!